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Friends, as soon as you people come to the coupon code page, you will see a pop-up, in which you will have to enter your email id. So as soon as you enter, you will also see the coupon code. Friends how to use coupon code? And what is the coupon code? In the information given below, I have explained to you people very carefully, so once you must read it carefully and carefully.

What is Coupon Code?

Many people do not know about the coupon code, what is a coupon code, let me tell you. Whatever item you guys are buying using coupon code. Some percentage or some part is left to you on it, that is, if there is a thing of ₹10 and it is getting a discount of 2 rupees or getting a coupon code, then understand that only 8 rupees are available to you. You have to pay Rs.2 instead of Rs.2 because you have used the coupon code. This is how the coupon code is used.

How to Get Coupons?

When you have come to this page, you are shown a pop-up asking you to enter your name and email id. As soon as you guys enter your email id and name and click on the button of Get Coupon. Immediately you see the coupon code, you have to copy that coupon code. How to use Read the information below.

Coupon Code >> SAVE10INDIA

How to Use this Coupon?

If you have copied the coupon code, then you have to go to the cart page. By adding your order to the Add to Cart then you have to enter your discount coupon code under your Coupon Code option. If you apply by typing the coupon code, then you people will get whatever discount you have on the basis of some coupon code immediately.

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