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Hello friend, how will you get a discount of ₹25, what will you have to do, you people will get a discount of ₹25 plus cashback. How can you take advantage of both, I am going to tell you about both one by one in this information today and you will understand that, how you can take advantage of ₹25, absolutely online for free.

It is very easy to take advantage of ₹25 and there are two easy ways through which you will be able to take advantage of ₹25. Now let me tell you guys how? You people are going to get the benefit of ₹25. Read and understand the information given below carefully and thoroughly.

2 Ways to get the best discount or cashback of Rs.25

How First Way to Get Rs.10 Discount

When you place an order, at that time you will have to use a coupon code that, if you place an order online, you will immediately get a discount of ₹10. You don’t need to do much to get the discount, you just have to generate the coupon code, because it is very easy to get the coupon code. Come let me tell you guys how you can get the coupon code.

To get a discount of ₹10, you will get the coupon code, which is by clicking on the coupon button given below. You will be able to get a coupon code for yourself, which will get you a discount of ₹10 immediately after using it. This is awesome and you guys get a ₹10 discount immediately. As soon as you get it through the coupon code, every order you place will be reduced by ₹10 more. In which only you will benefit.

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If you have generated the coupon code by clicking on the button above, then you will now get a very easy discount of ₹10.

How Second Way to Get Rs.15 Cashback

If you want the second part of ₹25, after placing the order, when the order will reach your home, then you will have to send a video recording of that order to us. As soon as you record and send portrait videos from your mobile, unboxing is done. Then we will give you ₹15 cashback as soon as we check your unboxing video.

How to Get Cashback of Rs.15

Let me tell you people how to take cashback of ₹15 now and in what ways you can take cashback of ₹15. What are the ways to take money, we can give it in two ways like on Phonepe and Paytm in these two ways, we will send you your cashback of Rs 15 on your phone.